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Our outpatient clinic provides primary care and specialty health services, including cardiology, mental health care, programs to help you stop smoking and using tobacco, and more. Below, you’ll find our address and hours, parking and transportation information, and the other health services we offer at our Potsdam VA Clinic.

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Limited services and hours

  • Everyone must wear a mask.
  • Your care partner is welcome (noother visitors).
  • Please self-screen. If you've had any COVID-19 symptoms in the past 48 hours, call first unless you need care now.
    Check COVID-19 symptoms on the CDC website

Check on Mondays for each facility’s latest guidelines.


201 Market Street

Potsdam, NY 13676-1278

Phone numbers

Main phone: 315-425-6510

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VA health connect: 800-877-6976

Mental health care: 315-425-3463

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Cost: Free

Wheelchair availability: Wheelchairs available upon arrival for patients who need them to access the building.

Van services for Veterans

DAV vans

Hours:Individual van schedules vary

We work with Disabled American Veterans and county Veterans Affairs directors to provide transportation for Veterans and authorized caregivers to get to scheduled medical appointments.

Non-DAV van services

Many localities in the region provide other van services to Veterans.

Learn more about DAV and the other van services available in yourcounty

Beneficiary travel

Beneficiary travel benefits include round-trip transportation from your home to the medical center, mileage reimbursement, or special mode transport.

Find out if you qualify for beneficiary travel benefits

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Health services offered here

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Common conditions: heart disease, high blood pressure, heart rhythm disorders, angina, vascular diseases

Our cardiology specialists offer advanced treatment and care for conditions affecting your heart and blood vessels, including heart disease, stroke, heart rhythm disorders and high blood pressure.

We perform noninvasive and minimally invasive tests and procedures that check, support, and improve your heart health. We’ll work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan and treat you with the most effective medications. Our services include:

  • Evaluating you for coronary heart disease, heart-valve disease, and heart defects
  • Determining how well blood flows through your heart vessels or find the cause of your heart failure
  • Treating your heart vessels with nonsurgical or minimally invasive operations that open and support them through balloon angioplasty or stent placement
  • Noninvasively monitoring you for changes in heart rhythm, using electrocardiograms (EKGs or ECGs), portable Holt monitors, or ultrasound
  • Performing surgical treatments like pacemaker implants or cardiac catheterization (inserting a long, thin tube into an artery or vein)

MOVE! weight management

Common conditions: overweight, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure

We offer easy-to-follow weight management plans backed by the latest science. Our experts can help you reduce health risks, prevent or reverse some diseasesand live a better—and even longer—life.

MOVE! is a weight-management program designed to help you live a longer, healthier life. With the help of your MOVE! care team, you can eat a healthier diet, get more exercise, reduce your health risks, and improve your quality of life. The MOVE! program offers:

  • Weight-loss support groups to help you lose weight and keep it off
  • Healthy eating tips and cooking classes
  • Behavioral change strategies to help you live a healthier lifestyle

Learn more about MOVE!

Mental health care

Common conditions: addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, OCD

If you’re struggling with issues like PTSD, depression, grief, anger or trauma, we offer counseling and other support. All VA health care facilities offer same-day help. You may qualify even without enrolling in VA health care.

Our medical center and clinics provide consultation, evaluation, and treatment for a range of issues that may impact your mental health or emotional well-being. Our confidential outpatient services include individual and group therapy for:

  • Psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression
  • Marriage and relationship problems
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety, addictive behaviors, and personality disorders
  • Aggressive or self-harming behaviors

Learn more and connect with a support coordinator

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My HealtheVet coordinator

Your My HealtheVet coordinator can help you start using the VA online portal to manage your appointments and records, refill prescriptions, view your lab and test resultsand communicate with your health care team.

Contact information

  • Mon.8:00 a.m.to4:30 p.m.
  • Tue.8:00 a.m.to4:30 p.m.
  • Wed.8:00 a.m.to4:30 p.m.
  • Thu.8:00 a.m.to4:30 p.m.
  • Fri.8:00 a.m.to4:30 p.m.
  • Sat. Closed
  • Sun. Closed


Contact us to schedule, reschedule, or cancel your appointment. If a referral is required, you’ll need to contact your primary care provider first.



Referral required?No

Walk-ins accepted?Yes

My HealtheVet is a web-based tool you can use to manage your care and improve your health from your computer or mobile device. You can access your personal health records and use tools to manage your care through our My HealtheVet online system. You can also use My HealtheVet to refill your prescriptions, track appointments, and read informative health articles. If you need help using My HealtheVet, you can contact our coordinator by phone or in person. With My HealtheVet, you can:

  • Ask questions and exchange secure online messages with your VA health care team
  • Check your lab and test results
  • Refill your prescriptions, track delivery, and view a list of your medications
  • Keep track of your VA medical appointments and get email reminders
  • View, download, or print a copy of your VA medical records
  • Enter or update your personal information

Learn more and register for My HealtheVet

Nutrition, food, and dietary care

Our nutrition experts work closely with you and your care team to help make sure you’re getting the nutrition you need to get and stay as healthy as possible.

Our registered dietitians can help you maintain or improve your health with good nutrition tailored to your needs. Through group, individual, and telehealth sessions, we provide nutrition education and counseling in areas such as:

  • Cardiovascular and heart health
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Diabetes (including gestational diabetes)
  • Eating disorders and digestive health
  • Pregnancy and postpartum nutrition
  • Weight management


Our specialists provide a full range of services to help you get and understand your prescription medicines and supplies. You can refill VA prescriptions online, by phone or by mail.

Our pharmacy provides you and other Veterans with convenient, efficient service to make it easy to get your medications and medical supplies. You can:

  • Pick up new prescriptions in person
  • Refill prescriptions online and by phone or mail
  • Safely dispose of medicines

Learn more about our pharmacy

Primary care

Your VA primary care provider will work closely with you to plan for all the care you need to stay healthy and well throughout your life, including immunizations and vaccinations. They will also work withfamily members or caregivers who support you.

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Contact information

Massena VA Clinic

6100 St. Lawrence Centre Massena, NY 13662-3214


  • Mon.7:45 a.m.to4:30 p.m.
  • Tue.7:45 a.m.to4:30 p.m.
  • Wed.7:45 a.m.to4:30 p.m.
  • Thu.7:45 a.m.to4:30 p.m.
  • Fri.7:45 a.m.to4:30 p.m.
  • Sat. Closed
  • Sun. Closed


Contact us to schedule, reschedule, or cancel your appointment. If a referral is required, you’ll need to contact your primary care provider first.



Referral required?No

Walk-ins accepted?No

A strong network of family and internal medicine specialists and services can offer you the best possible care. Internal medicine doctors (internists) prevent, diagnose, and treat adult diseases. Doctors who specialize in family medicine provide primary health care to the entire family. Your primary care team can coordinate the many services you receive such as:

  • Labs and blood work
  • Mental health care
  • Women's health care
  • Radiology
  • Social services
  • Telehealth

Smoking and tobacco cessation

If you are trying to quit smoking or want to stop using tobacco, we can help you with support, resourcesand programs.

You can quit smoking or chewing tobacco. Our goal is to provide support and strategies to add to optional nicotine replacement therapy prescribed by your primary care doctor. These include:

  • FDA-approved medications to manage nicotine withdrawal and the urge to smoke.
  • Counseling in person or by phone
  • Tobacco Cessation Quitline for individual counseling and strategies
  • SmokefreeVET text message program for daily advice and interactive support
  • Stay Quit Coach mobile app to help you quit smoking and stay smoke-free

Learn more about how to quit

Women Veteran care

Common conditions: women's primary care, mental health, obstetrics and gynecology, pap smear, mammogram

We offer women’s health services to meet your specific needssuch asdisease screenings, mental health treatment, recovery from military sexual trauma, maternity careand female-specific medical equipment.

Our women's health program offers complete health care for women Veterans of all ages. Our primary care providers specialize in women’s health. They work closely with specialists in gynecology, obstetrics, female urology, oncology, medicine, radiology, surgery, and breast illness. Our services for women Veterans include:

  • Ultrasounds, mammograms, Pap and HPV tests
  • Mental health care and counseling
  • Lifestyle wellness services
  • Menopause treatment, including hormonal therapy
  • Family planning, contraceptive care, and infertility evaluation

Learn more and connect with a care coordinator

To make or change an appointments call the Women's Health Clinicat the location you receive services:

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  • Syracuse VA: (315)-425-4652
  • Auburn CBOC: (315) 294-7300
  • Binghamton CBOC: (607) 772-9100
  • Massena CBOC: (315) 705-6666
  • Oswego CBOC: (315) 207-0120
  • Rome CBOC: (315) 334-7100, option 2, option 2
  • Tompkins/Cortland County CBOC: (607) 347-4101
  • Watertown CBOC: (315) 221-7026

Health care services for Veterans are provided by VA providers or accredited community providers. Every woman Veteran has the right to a health care provide trained in women’s health. Women may also request a female or male provider at their discretion.

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How can I increase my VA health care? ›

5 ways to improve veterans health care services
  1. Provide access. By expanding access, you open doors to treatments and provide options for military members and their families. ...
  2. Educate. Education is power. ...
  3. Deliver value. The needs of veterans, active military and their families are unique. ...
  4. Be impactful. ...
  5. Spread awareness.
May 12, 2022

Does the VA follow Hipaa? ›

HIPAA – The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) expands existing privacy protections and standardizes them for public and private health care facilities, which includes the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

What is a PSA at the VA? ›

Public Service Announcements. As we prepare to celebrate the anniversary of our Nation's independence on July 4th, the Department of Veterans Affairs is releasing two public service announcements (PSAs) featuring award winning screen and TV actor Gary Sinise.

Does the VA give good healthcare? ›

Examining a wide array of commonly used measures of health care quality, researchers found that VA hospitals generally provided better quality care than non-VA hospitals and the VA's outpatient services were better quality when compared to commercial HMOs, Medicaid HMOs and Medicare HMOs.

How often does the VA try to lower compensation? ›

VA usually reevaluates veterans' service-connected disabilities on two occasions: Six months after leaving military service; and. Between two and five years from the date of the decision to grant VA disability benefits.

Can the VA refuse to treat a veteran? ›

You can agree to or refuse any treatment. You will be told what is likely to happen to you if you refuse a treatment. Refusing a treatment will not affect your rights to future care but you take responsibility for the impact this decision may have on your health.

Can the VA see my civilian medical records? ›

The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) uses VA Form 21-4142, Authorization to Disclose Information to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), to request private medical records and information regarding the source of records in support of claims for compensation and/or pension benefits.

Can the VA see my military medical records? ›

When you're an active, Guard and Reserve service member, and you leave military service, the Department of Defense (DoD) sends some information to the Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA). Depending on your health history and dates of service, the VA may access your DoD electronic health record.

Can the military see my civilian medical records? ›

Because the military does not routinely pull medical records, recruits who pass their physical and reveal no prior history may get in. However, if the soldier later gets sick or injured, the Army can check medical records if an undisclosed pre-existing condition is suspected.

Do I need Medicare if I have VA health care? ›

If you have VA benefits, you do not have to enroll in Medicare in order to keep your VA benefits. That being said, the Veterans Administration actually recommends veterans enroll in Medicare when they become eligible.

How long does VA health care last? ›

You can receive free VA health care for up to 5 years after discharge or release for any condition related to your service in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) in Afghanistan or Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) or Operation New Dawn (OND) in Iraq.

Are VA benefits better than Medicare? ›

The prescription drug benefits from the VA are considered to be as good as or better than Medicare Part D, which the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services calls “creditable coverage,” so you won't have to pay a penalty if you decide to sign up for Part D later.

At what age does VA disability stop? ›

When veterans reach age 67, all VA disability payments would revert to the amount associated with the rated disability level; veterans age 67 or older who are already receiving IU payments would no longer receive them after the effective date of the option.

Is PTSD a permanent disability? ›

Yes, PTSD is considered a permanent VA disability. The Department of Veteran Affairs recognizes post-traumatic stress disorder as a serious, life-altering mental condition and will award disability benefits to qualified veterans suffering from PTSD.

What disqualifies you from VA benefits? ›

If you've received an other than honorable, bad conduct, or dishonorable discharge, you may not be eligible for VA benefits.

Are veterans happy with the VA? ›

The survey, which asked Veterans about their experience with VA health care since the MISSION Act was implemented, found that more than 80% were satisfied with their VA health care. Nearly 75% of Veteran respondents reported improvements at their local VA, and more than 90% would recommend VA care to fellow Veterans.

Why does the VA have so many problems? ›

While the VA is rooted in noble intentions, it has been plagued with problems for years. The VA has faced reports of excessive and contradictory spending, allegations of inadequate health care, a massive backlog of benefits claims and a top leadership position that nobody can seem to hold down.

Why don t veterans use the VA? ›

Of the veteran and active service members who reported to the annual Wounded Warrior Project Survey that they have never used VA health care services, the most common reasons given included preferring to use other health care coverage and too much trouble or red tape.
CharacteristicPercentage of respondents
9 more rows
Jun 20, 2022

How far back does the military check medical records? ›

The new system is called the Prescription Medication Reporting System (PMRS) and is used to pull seven years of prescription histories for all civilian recruits going to MEPS.

Can you make a VA claim without medical records? ›

If several attempts to find the missing medical evidence have failed, you can still win your VA disability case if you can find other evidence of the accident or treatment. The evidence in your file may show a sudden drop off in health or a leave from duty that can support your assertion that an event occurred.

How do I prove a service connected disability? ›

In order to establish service connection on a direct basis, veterans must show evidence of: A current, diagnosed disability; An in-service event, injury, or illness; and. A medical nexus between the current disability and the in-service event, injury, or illness.

How do I pass the VA C&P exam? ›

How to pass your C&P Exam
  1. Being honest about your disability symptoms. Remember what you're there for! ...
  2. Do not exaggerate your symptoms. We've seen several C&P exams where the examiner accuses the veteran of “malingering,” or exaggerating his or her symptoms. ...
  3. Bring someone to your C&P Exam.
Dec 16, 2021

How do I prove VA disability without medical records? ›

A medical nexus between the current disability and the in-service event, injury, or illness.
Additional Examples of Evidence
  1. Letters written during service.
  2. Photographs taken during service.
  3. Police reports.
  4. Private medical records from treatment during service.
Nov 8, 2020

How do I share my VA medical records to other doctors? ›

To share your data with your non-VA provider, you must first sign a release of data authorization form to let the VA share your personal data. Thankfully, you don't need to sign this form for every doctor, just one form authorizes VA to share your data with all authorized medical providers.

How can I find out who has accessed my medical records United States? ›

Can I find out who has accessed my health records? You can request an “accounting of disclosures,” which will tell you everyone who has received your health records for the past six years for purposes other than treatment, payment and health care operations.

Does Hipaa apply to the military? ›

Who must comply with HIPAA? All military and civilian health care plans, health care clearinghouses and health care providers who electronically conduct financial and administrative transactions must comply with HIPAA.

Can I lose my VA health benefits? ›

If you're in one of the lower priority groups, you could lose your VA health care benefits in the future. If you don't keep your private insurance, this would leave you without health coverage.

Do veterans have to pay for Medicare? ›

Do Veterans Have to Sign Up for Medicare? Medicare is not mandatory. However, there is significant value to signing up for this coverage when you become eligible. If you only have coverage through VA benefits, you may only receive care at a VA facility, unless otherwise approved.

Can you have both Medicare and VA benefits? ›

You can have both Medicare and Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits, but Medicare and VA benefits do not work together. Medicare does not pay for any care that you receive at a VA facility. In order for your VA coverage to cover your care, you must generally receive health care services at a VA facility.

How do I report a Hipaa violation to the VA? ›

We're here anytime, day or night – 24/7
  1. Call 988 and select 1.
  2. Text 838255.
  3. Call TTY if you have hearing loss800-799-4889.

What are some of the privacy and confidentiality statutes that VHA is required to follow? ›

VHA must comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule when creating, maintaining, using, and disclosing individually-identifiable health information. (6) Confidentiality of Medical Quality Assurance Review Records, 38 U.S.C. 5705, implemented by 38 CFR Section 17.500-17.511.

How do I file a Hipaa complaint in Virginia? ›

File a Complaint Verbally or Request a Complaint Form

Contact the Enforcement Division at 1-800-533-1560 or (804) 367-4691.


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