Top 25+ Website Design Templates of 2023 (2023)

A Website Development template is a pre-designed layout that lets you arrange content on a page to make a simple yet appealing website. It allows users to add their material, such as text, photos, or media, to a pre-made web page to build a publish-ready website.

They can be helpful in a variety of circumstances. For instance, they can be beneficial if you are a great programmer or back-end engineer but not very good at UI work and layout creation.

If you are familiar with web programming and development, changing website themes to suit your needs will be a simple task. If you want to learn about web development, checking the Web Development course duration first would be a great idea. In this article, we will look at various best website templates for web development.

Best Website Templates Based on Different Frontend Technologies

Front-end web development is the process of creating a website's graphical user interface using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so that visitors can view and interact with it. The front end stack is made up of many different languages and libraries. Through the use of graphics, it converts the complex backend element to a user-friendly approach.

Here, we highlighted some of the simple website templates free to download HTML with CSS, based on the top front-end technologies that are popular in 2023:

Top Angular Website Development Templates

Angular is an open-source front-end framework for creating dynamic and modern web apps for Google. To eliminate redundant code and provide lighter and faster programs, it makes use of the TypeScript programming language, which is based on JavaScript. Following are some best creative website templates based on AngularFollowing are some best creative website templates based on Angular

1. Paper

Paper is a free Angular template for quick dashboard creation with a unique and minimalist look. Paper is entirely compatible with modern devices and web browsers, ensuring that it performs well regardless of the user's location.

2. Paper Kit 2 Angular

It is a free UI Kit based on Angular 7 that uses gentle colors and elegant typography. Every component is completely responsive and looks stunning on screens of all sizes. and elegant typography. Every component is completely responsive and looks stunning on screens of all sizes.

3. Whykot - Wedding Events And Wedding Planner Angular Template

Finding the best Angular website templates to build a wedding planner or exhibit a wedding business could be challenging. However, this gorgeous solution can meet your needs admirably. Its bundle contains 31+ ready-to-use pages that can be used to highlight numerous aspects of your company.

Top React Website Development Templates

React is a front-end JavaScript framework that is free and open-source, used for creating user interfaces based on UI components. It is maintained by Meta and a group of independent programmers and enterprises. Following are some collections of cool website templates that are based on React Framework

1. Open

Open is a developer website template for developers who want to quickly and expertly design a landing page for their open-source projects, online services, digital goods, and more.

2. Carolina Admin Dashboard

Carolina Admin Dashboard includes everything you need to get your online project up and running if you're seeking a beautiful and practical React dashboard design. This wonderful template has a clean, modern look that adheres to all of Google's Material Design principles and is developed on top of the Material-UI framework.

3. Airframe

Based on Bootstrap 4 and React 16, the Airframe React app template is free and open source. You can use this template to create an engaging and great-looking responsive application with a great user interface.

Top VueJsWebsite Development Templates

VueJs is a very popular JavaScript and typescript framework for creating fast, reliable, and interactive web apps and single page applications. Now it can also be used to create standalone widgets like a search bar or a contact form, or any other kind of interactive component that you might find on a website. It follows the model-view-viewmodel (MVNow it can also be used to create standalone widgets like a search bar or a contact form or any other kind of interactive component that you might find on a website.VM) pattern.viewmodel (MVVM) pattern

Let's have a look at a few best web development themes based on Vue JS

1. D

  • With the Vue Argon Design System, you can select from more than 100 unique components, giving you the freedom of choosing and combining.
  • Since all elements have already been implemented, the transition from prototyping to fully working code will take much less time.
  • Each element has a number of easily accessible states for colors, styles, hover, and focus.

2. Vue Notus

  • With huge number of Front-End elements, Vue Notus gives you the flexibility to select and combine.
  • Using Tailwind CSS classes, you can simply customize the appearance of all components.

3. Nuxa - Product Landing Vue.JS Website Template

The given template will help you create a fascinating and appealing product landing page. It might even be suitable for individuals who need a source for affiliate marketing of different digital goods.

Top jQuery Website Development Templates

jQuery is a JavaScript library created to make event handling, CSS animation, Ajax, and DOM tree navigation and manipulation easier. It is free, open-source software using the permissive MIT License. Here we are going to look at some of the best responsive website templates, based on jQuery.

1. Space Dynamic Free CSS Template

Space Dynamic is a professional looking HTML template using a Bootstrap. This CSS template is free for you provided by TemplateMonster. It might be very helpful for those who want to design websites with a focus on SEO related content.

2. Motto – Free Responsive Bootstrap Landing Page Template

  • Motto is a free template created using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4 and JQuery.
  • This template has a clean codebase which makes it SEO-friendly. This template has a quicker page loading speed, which increases user engagement.

3. Free jQuery Travel Theme Website Template by Rock Themes

  • Users who want to establish a tourism website should use this theme.
  • This website's theme is dedicated to offer customers the most affordable and high-quality travel options.

Top Backbone.JS Website Development Templates

Backbone.js is a model-view-controller (MVC) based JavaScript rich-client web app framework designed to connect to an API over a RESTful JSON interface. Backbone.js also provides the concept called a router. It is used for developing single-page applications.

Top Node JS Website Development Templates

Nodejs is an open source cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment for running server-side applications. It is used to develop io intensive web applications like video streaming sites, single page applications, online chatting applications and other web applications. It is used by large established companies as well as newly minted startups.

Following are some collections of best web development template HTML along with NodeJS.

1. Skote

  • Skote is a Node.js admin and dashboard template that is available in a variety of versions.
  • With three modes and four layout options to choose from, there are plenty of combinations to get things started right away.

2. Material Dashboard React Nodejs

  • Get started with Material Dashboard React Nodejs, a Node.js admin built with Material-UI.
  • It includes 30 frontend components that have been implemented, so that you can combine and customize using SASS files. Each element has different color, style, hover, and focus states.

3. John - React Minimal HTML Portfolio

It is created with the most recent trend-tools, so that you may use common components to create different apps. These landing pages are appropriate for your React portfolio. It is simple to customize and deploy and comes with full Firebase integration and produces results quite quickly.

Top Svelte Website Development Templates

Svelte is a free and open-source front end compiler created by Rich Harris and maintained by the Svelte core team members. Svelte is a compiler that generates minimal and highly optimized JavaScript code. Svelte works a bit differently than traditional frameworks but does a lot of the same things.

Let us look at some simple website html code available for download based on Svelte

Crypo - Cryptocurrency Trading Dashboard Svelte App

  • Crypo is a Cryptocurrency Dashboard Admin Template and Cryptocurrency Trading Dashboard
  • Crypo is optimized to be fast & highly performant by having a good structure and well-written code.


  • It is a Simply Awesome Blog Starter website built with Svelte
  • It has a Super fast site performance, with a near Perfect PageSpeed score.

Svelte Notifications

  • Svelte Notifications is a great experimental charting library for Svelte.
  • It is straightforward and adaptable, making it ideal for simple projects.

Top Bootstrap Website Development Templates

Bootstrap is a free and open-source CSS framework which is designed for front-end web development that prioritizes mobile responsiveness. It includes design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation, and other UI components that are based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In this article, we are going to represent some simple bootstrap templates for free download.

Multi- Free Responsive Template

  • Multi goal is to help you build a unique and modern website fast, easy and with the lowest cost possible.
  • This responsive HTML5 theme will be a great solution for your business, portfolio, or any other professional purpose website.


  • Ogani Bootstrap template is free and ideal for e-commerce and organic food websites.
  • Without setting things from scratch, you can create a useful and effective website for your online store or other comparable businesses.


  • This responsive HTML5 and Bootstrap theme is a great solution for your Medical and Healthcare purpose website.

Some other Website Templates

We'll now look at some of more best website templates free based on some of the most popular and frequently used categories:

Best E commerce website Templates

Some of the best E commerce templates for making an online presence in your Stores are given as follows:

  • Tropiko:Based on HTML 5 and Bootstrap, Tropiko primarily focuses on the fruit business. Link to download the code
  • Debutify:Debutify is a fantastic theme for new users because it allows for quick installation with only a few clicks. The site will load quickly and satisfy even the most impatient users because of its clear code structure. Link to download the code
  • SuitUp: It is a wonderful option for selling clothing because of its gentle tone and straightforward design style, which draw attention to your products. Link to download the code

Best Portfolio website Templates

  • Virb: It is a free website template for a portfolio. This design is ideal for both personal and business websites because of its clever style. The clean presentation of your products and services to users is made possible by its template's minimalist design. Link to download the code
  • Explorer:Explorer is a free website template for showcases of photography. You have lots of room to display your artwork because of its gallery-style structure.Link to download the code
  • Developer Website Template (Devfolio): Devfolio website template is mainly focused on developers for sharing essential details about them, their projects, and their blogs. Link to download the code
  • Developer Website Template GitHub ( This is mainly focused on developers. To share essential details about you and your projects, you can add a README file to a repository. Link to download the code
  • Resume using HTML:You may also produce a straightforward and simple HTML page download for your resume in addition to the pdf version. You may also use html2pdf.js library to export your Resume webpage to pdf. Download HTML, CSS based Resume from here: HTML Resume Download

Website Development Quotation Template

A web developer will send a web design quotation to a prospective client in order to outline the service details and costs. Website quotes are frequently sent by developers at the beginning of a project in order to inform and persuade clients to choose their services over those of other developers.Link to download the code.

Key Takeaways

  • Firstly we discussed what is a website template and how it is beneficial for us
  • Following that, this article provided information on front end development and some popular front end development technologies such as React JS, Angular, etc.
  • Lastly, we examined various best website template sites built using these technologies.
  • You can create your own templates and contribute to the community by learning full stack development, which will be valuable to others. You can visit the Full stack Developer Course online for more information

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a template in Website Development?

You can arrange content on a webpage using website templates. They are pre-designed layouts to build a straightforward but attractive website.

2.How do I create a template for a website?

You can create a template for website by following the given steps:

  1. Decide the topic.
  2. Find the right color scheme.
  3. Mockup how your website will be laid out in a graphic editing program like Figma.
  4. Create a page with HTML and style with CSSCreate page with HTML and style with CSS

3. Do Web Developers use templates?

Yes, web developers use templates, especially when they are great programmers or back-end engineers but not very good at UI work and layout creation.

4. Is using templates cheating?

No, using templates is not cheating if you purchase the template or give proper credit to the developer. Instead of struggling with the harder chore of building anything from scratch, using a template allows you more time and money to concentrate on your blog or business.

5. How do I choose a website template?

You can choose a website template by following the given steps

  1. Consider the Type of your Business.
  2. Research the Website Design you Like.
  3. Find a Template That's Easy to Use.
  4. Note down Website Design Necessities.
  5. Consider Website Template Functionality.
  6. Download the template and Experiment!
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