UC Berkeley Bootcamp: Reviews, Cost, and Comprehensive Guide (2023)

UC Berkeley Boot Camp Reviews and Complete Guide

UC Berkeley Boot Camp offers part-time and full-time courses for those looking to break into the tech industry. The bootcamp has courses in UX/UI design, digital marketing, financial technology, tech project management, data analytics, cyber security, and coding. Read our UC Berkeley Boot Camp review to find if this school is for you.

This article covers all courses in this bootcamp as well as payment options, admissions process, and career services available.

What Is UC Berkeley Boot Camp?

UC Berkeley Boot Camp Quick Facts
Cost$12,995 (part-time)
Start DatesPart-time classes begin quarterly
CoursesCoding, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, FinTech, Tech Project Management, Cybersecurity
Available ProgramsFull-time, Part-time

UC Berkeley Boot Camp is a reputable coding bootcamp offered by the University of California Berkeley that provides training for a range of careers in the tech industry. Bootcamp courses are imparted by industry experts and emphasize hands-on learning.

This bootcamp now offers all of its courses online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This school boasts a market-driven curriculum, live virtual classes, and career support services.

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Is UC Berkeley Boot Camp Worth It?

Yes, UC Berkeley Boot Camp is worth it for anyone looking for a short training program in tech skills with plenty of career support. This bootcamp is a fantastic alternative to a traditional degree at UC Berkeley or any other university. It is offered in partnership with Trilogy Education Services.

If you are interested in financial technology, digital marketing, UX/UI design, web development, tech project management, or data analytics, then UC Berkeley Boot Camp has something for you.

UC Berkeley Boot Camp Job Placement

UC Berkeley Boot Camp does not publish its job placement rate. However, UC Berkeley Boot Camp graduates will find it relatively easy to find employment at high-profile companies due to the school’s reputation and robust career services. These services include interview preparation, portfolio reviews, and access to a profile coach for career counseling.

Does UC Berkeley Boot Camp offer a Job Guarantee?

No, UC Berkeley Boot Camp does not offer a job guarantee.

How Much Does UC Berkeley Boot Camp Cost?

Most part-time courses at UC Berkeley Boot Camp cost $12,995, but some courses are priced differently. For example, the Online Data Analytics Boot Camp costs $9,995. Tuition fees change depending on the payment option.

How to Pay for UC Berkeley Boot Camp: Scholarships, Loans, Installments

UC Berkeley Boot Camps offers several payment options to help its students pay their tuition. They include installment plans, upfront payment, loan financing, and tuition discounts. Get in touch with the bootcamp’s admissions counselor and a financial planner to find a payment plan that suits you.


If you are a UC Berkeley graduate, you can apply for a $500 scholarship.

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Loan Financing

Loan financing is ideal for those with good credit scores willing to pay interest rates. You can look into lending institutions such as Skills Fund, Climb Credit, and Ascent for your loan financing.


UC Berkeley Boot Camp offers monthly installment plans to make its courses more affordable. You’ll pay an initial deposit and split the rest into monthly installments with no additional interest.

Upfront Payment

Students who opt for early tuition upfront payment are eligible for up to a $1,000 discount.


UC Berkeley Boot Camp does not offer ISAs (income share agreements) as a financing option.

ISAs are a popular payment option offered by many coding bootcamps. They allow students to defer payment until they graduate and land a job that pays above a certain level. Under an ISA, the school and the student agree from the beginning on the percentage of the student’s salary that will be paid back to the school every month.

GI Bill

UC Berkeley Boot Camp does not accept GI Bill benefits.

UC Berkeley Boot Camp Locations

UC Berkeley’s campus is located in California. Due to Covid-19, all UC Berkeley Boot Camp courses are offered online.

UC Berkeley Boot Camp Courses

UC Berkeley Boot Camp offers courses on UX/UI design, web development, financial technology, data analytics, cyber security, technology project management, and digital marketing. These courses are suited for complete beginners as well as those with some experience in the subject matter.

UC Berkeley Boot Camp Prep Courses

UC Berkeley Boot Camp does not offer any prep courses. However, students have access to online coding resources, tutorials, and articles to prepare for their bootcamp. These resources cover HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, Node.js, SQL, Python, data analytics, Django, and web development.

Another great way to prepare for your bootcamp is by taking an online course. There are thousands of great courses online on any tech subject that you can think of. Many of these courses are free or are reasonably priced.

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Coding – Online

This is a good program if you want to become a software engineer or a web developer. It is offered full-time and part-time and covers basic and advanced programming. You will learn full stack web development, JavaScript, interactive applications, and agile methodologies for software development.

Data Analytics – Online

If you want to become a data scientist, data analyst, or work in data-related fields, this UC Berkeley Boot Camp course is for you. The course is offered part-time, covering basic and advanced data analytics topics in 24 weeks. You will learn Python programming, statistics, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and database management tools. The course also covers front end web visualization, machine learning, and big data.

The school recommends having a bachelor’s degree or at least two years of relevant experience to join.

UX/UI Design – Online

If you want to build a career in web design or become a user experience (UX) or user interface (UI) designer, enrolling in this program is a good idea. You will learn to design effective user interfaces using interactive features and improve your understanding of colors and typography. The course also covers user identification and storyboarding as well as GitHub, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript.

Cyber Security – Online

If a career in cyber security, digital forensics, or network security is what you want, then look into this course. It focuses on system security, ethical hacking, penetration testing, risk assessment, cloud security, and vulnerability assessment. You will also learn to use cyber security software such as Kali Linux and Hashcat.

Digital Marketing – Online

Digital marketing is a thriving industry, and this part-time course can help you master its core skills. You will learn how to create and monitor a digital marketing campaign from scratch. You will also study paid social media advertising, content optimization, Google Ads, WordPress, and Facebook Ads Manager.

FinTech – Online

UC Berkeley Boot Camp’s financial technology part-time course will teach you how to leverage data and technology to make sound financial decisions. You will dive deep into the basics of finance and learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The course also covers machine learning, algorithmic trading, forecasting, and linear regression as well as Python, Pandas, and PyViz.

The school recommends that you have a bachelor’s degree or relevant experience in the finance, business, or statistics field.

Tech Project Management – Online

The tech project management course is offered part-time and prepares students to become technical project managers in different industries. You will learn project management lifecycles, Agile, Scrum, mapping, and resource planning. The course will also prepare you for the Professional Scrum Master Level 1 certificate.

What Is the UC Berkeley Boot Camp Schedule?

UC Berkeley Boot Camp offers several course schedules to accommodate students’ availability

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The full-time schedule is only offered for the coding bootcamp, which is taught over 12 weeks. It requires a 40-hour weekly commitment. This is the best option to master coding if you have the time.


All UC Berkeley Boot Camp courses are part-time, except the coding bootcamp which is also offered full-time. Part-time programs lasts 24 weeks and require 20 hours per week. This schedule is perfect for busy individuals, working professionals, and full-time students looking to learn a tech skill.


UC Berkeley Boot Camp does not offer self-paced courses.

How to Get Accepted Into UC Berkeley Boot Camp

Getting accepted into UC Berkeley Boot Camp isn’t difficult. The school accepts learners of all levels, from beginner to advanced. All you need to get in is a passion for your chosen tech field and clear career goals.

UC Berkeley Boot Camp Acceptance Rate

UC Berkeley Boot Camp accepts approximately 50 percent of applicants.

Application Process

UC Berkeley Boot Camp’s application process is straightforward. It consists of an online application, phone interview, and technical assessment.

  1. Go to the bootcamp’s official web page and start an online application. Fill in the application, make sure all information supplied is accurate, and submit it.
  2. The school’s admissions department will get in touch with you for a preliminary phone interview. This is essentially an introductory interview.
  3. If you pass the interview, the school will ask you to take a technical assessment. This only applies to students who have applied for the technical courses. The test consists of 20 questions.
  4. If you pass the technical assessment, you will be admitted into the bootcamp. At this point, the school will contact you to discuss your payment plans.

Interview Questions

Below are some common topics you may be asked about during your interview with UC Berkeley Boot Camp.

  • Your career goals and ambitions.
  • Your motivation to apply to this bootcamp.
  • How this bootcamp will help you further your goals.
  • Your technical background.
  • How you intend to pay for this course.

Is UC Berkeley Boot Camp Right for You?

If you want to learn coding, data analytics, web design, cyber security, digital marketing, financial technology, or technical project management from a highly reputable institution, then UC Berkeley Boot Camp is right for you. The school provides great training and career services.

However, if you are looking for a school that offers a job guarantee, then other bootcamps will serve you better. Before you make a decision, look into the school’s curriculum, payment options, and career services to find if UC Berkeley Boot Camp is the best option for you.


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